Refrigerated containers – also known as reefer containers – are used to control temperature or humidity within the container so that the product being shipped is moved in a pre-determined and set environment that best suits the nature of your product.

We commenced our perishable program in 1982 from Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest, with products such as frozen fish, frozen French fries, and frozen apple turnovers to a well-known American fast food chain. Since that time, our reefer container forwarding services have expanded across North America, servicing as far across Canada as Halifax; as well as covering the continents of Asia, Australia, Europe, South & North America.

Anywhere in the world we have you covered.

Containers can be set anywhere between – 26C (-15F) to +30C (+75F)

Our specialized Reefer container forwarding department manages a considerable volume of frozen and chilled meats, fruits, vegetables, breads and seafood to both Europe and Asia with rates and transit times tailored to the specific requirements of a given load.